How to Prevent a Repeat Bout of the Flu

Once the flu has run its course through your family, do you live in fear of it returning, just as its done in the past?  Well, that’s no way to beat the flu. Instead, you need to disinfect your surrounding before and after the flu hits your house to keep it from coming back.  Here’s how:

How to Prevent a Repeat Bout of the Flu

Pick your chemicals: There are lots of choices for killing bacteria, viruses, and fungi. You can go the heavy chemical route by picking bleach, ammonia, or alcohol. You can also choose natural compounds such as vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda. What’s more, pine oil and tea tree oil are terrific natural antimicrobials. Pick the chemical or products that best match your needs and preferences.

Hands off: Dousing a rag with your antimicrobial and wiping down all the high touch areas is essential to keep the germs away. Remember to wipe door knobs, faucet handles, toilet handles and lids, light switches, the fridge handle, and remotes. Don’t forget microwave buttons!  Keep a spray bottle in the bathroom or disinfecting wipes so that touch surfaces can be cleaned every time.

Change it out: Once everyone is well, it’s time to switch out the “dirty” for the clean. Change sheets, blankets, pillow cases, mittens, towels, and laundry with hot water. It’s also time for everyone to get new toothbrushes! Don’t forget that if you have an air filter you should change that as well so that you aren’t circulating those germs back into the air. Lastly, empty out all garbage pails, especially those that held dirty tissues.

No-wash cleaning: If people got sick on shoes, throw pillows, or stuffed animals, these items can be wiped clean and then frozen to disinfect. You can also vacuum everywhere to pick up dirt, skin cells, and even water droplets that could contain germs.

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