How to Choose a Drain Cleaning Company

We all know about knee-jerk reactions, as in, doing and saying the first thing that comes to mind in response to some sort of external stimulus.

Touching a hot stove, for example, not only causes you to pull your hand away in a hurry, but perhaps utter a few choice words or two – hopefully with the kids well out of earshot. Or how about when an ump calls your kid out at the plate during a little league game and, from your vantage point, he or she was clearly safe. Do you sit there calmly and shout “that’s okay, honey, you’ll get ‘em next time,” OR loudly pronounce the ump unfit for his present occupation in your own unique style?

Along those sam lines, how are you most likely to react when a drain or toilet clogs up? Well, other than bemoaning your current predicament out loud, you’re likely to try fixing it yourself. When that doesn’t work out, the next step often is to search the internet for a local drain cleaning service, and then hope you’ve chosen the right one.  What happens if you don’t? With any luck, you locate someone who really CAN fix the problem, does so, and you make every effort to save their contact information for future reference.

Has that ever happened to you – you know, paying twice (at least) for the same thing?  We hope not, and to help to prevent that from happening the next time you have a clogged drain that requires the services of a professional, we invite you to call Norhio Plumbing.

Our technicians come equipped for any contingency – not just because of how well-equipped they are, but also by virtue of their extensive training and experience. If necessary, we’ll recommend a video inspection of the problem drain so we can determine – and show you – exactly what’s wrong, and where the problem resides. That, in turn, frequently leads to faster and less costly solutions.

For all those clogged drains that just won’t budge, they’ve met their match in Norhio Plumbing. That’s because we also come equipped with hyrdro-jetters that use high-pressure sprays of water to clear a drain line from end to end.

For clogged drain problems fixed right the first time, contact Norhio Plumbing today.