Now You Can Have Clean, Fresh Water Anywhere or Everywhere in Your Home.


Most home owners still rely on bottled water for higher quality than what you can get at the tap. Besides being significantly more costly than tap water, bottled water’s production also negatively impacts the environment by the excess use of plastics and fossil fuels in its production. There are better and less costly solutions than purchasing bottled water.

So what’s so bad about bottled water? Prepare yourself to be at least mildly surprised, if not downright shocked:

  • It’s no healthier than tap water. More than half of bottled water comes from public water supplies, which means it goes through no special filtration processes. Plus, there are many chemicals contained in our water that are not regulated by the EPA, so in most cases, bottled water is anything but chemical free.
  • Costs more than water from a home filtration system. Americans, on average, drink 167 bottles of water per year. That means a family of four is paying $700 or more per year for bottled water. In less than 2 years, an under-sink water filter will have paid for itself.
  • Consumes precious natural resources. Americans consume about 29 billion bottles of water which requires up to 47 million barrels of crude oil to manufacture.
  • Pollutes the environment. Most plastic bottles – water or otherwise – are not recycled. That causes a great number of problems, including pollution in our oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams that is killing an estimated 1 million sea creatures per year.


These are just a few of the problems with bottled water. Now let’s examine two very effective solutions.

Whole-House Water Filtration

With a whole-house water filtration system from Norhio Plumbing, you’ll have purified water at every faucet, tap and hose inside and outside your home. Not only will it remove, on average, 99% of the chemicals and other contaminants from your water supply, it also will remove unpleasant odors and help prevent internal pipe corrosion.

A whole-house system also delivers softer, non-acidic water, which means no staining of your pipes or glasses; plus, you’ll need less water and detergent to clean your clothes., Your skin and hair will look better and feel softer. Your household cleaning chores will become considerably easier.

There are different types of whole-house water filtration systems, including UV and reverse osmosis. Norhio Plumbing will explain each one and recommend what’s best for your home, family, and budget.

Under-Sink Water Filter


A more affordable solution is an under-sink water filter typically installed under a kitchen sink with its own dedicated faucet. That way, you can save the purified water for drinking and cooking purposes while using your regular water supply for other purposes, including cleaning and watering your plants.

We can install the right-sized system anywhere in your home and for your family’s particular consumption needs. Most importantly, we’ll make sure you have the contaminant-free water you want that neither bottled nor tap water can provide.

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