From Sewer Cleaning to Sewer & Drain Line Installation, Norhio Plumbing Does it All.


If there’s one plumbing problem that you have no patience for and want fixed now, it’s a clogged sewer or drain. Especially when all attempts at fixing the problem on your own just won’t work.

At Norhio, we have the equipment, trained technicians, and experience to handle any size job, including:

  • Sewer & drain cleaning
  • In-line video inspection to pinpoint the exact location and extent of the problem
  • High-speed water jetting equipment for the most stubborn sewer or drain clogs
  • Pipe repair and replacement
  • Installation of new sanitary sewer lines
  • Property excavation services

Sewer & Drain Maintenance in Aurora


The best way to fix a sewer or drain problem is through prevention. At Norhio Plumbing we carry and offer two very useful products not available in retail stores: Bio-Clean and Root-X.

Both are organic in composition which means they pose no threat to the environment and they won’t cause any internal pipe corrosion. Bio-Clean is effective in both preventing and clearing up clogged drains.

Root-X is designed to kill and prevent the future growth of tree and shrub roots that make their way inside your drain lines. Roots seek moisture and there’s plenty of that to be had within your drain system. Over time, they can cause the piping to crack and leak. That can lead to big problems, including the possibility of having to replace the drain line. Currently experiencing a clogged sewer, drain, or a related plumbing issue? Then contact Norhio Plumbing for fast and reliable service for your home or business.

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