Preventative Maintenance Plan

Enroll in Our Priority Club and Reap All the Rewards.

As a consumer living on a fixed budget, what’s one of your primary real-world objectives?  Getting the most from your money, no matter how small or large the purchase.

Well, if you want the most for your home plumbing dollar, then the clear winner is Norhio Plumbing’s Priority Club, where you enjoy priority client status from the moment you enroll.  Just look at what your one small monthly membership fee provides:

Priority Service

You move to the front of line anytime you require emergency service.  The next available service plumber will be sent to your home, even if non-Club members called before you.

Annual Preventative Maintenance

Once a year throughout your Club membership, one of our skilled plumbers will inspect your plumbing and drain systems for dependable and safe operation. We’ll alert you to any small problems we might encounter so you can take corrective action before conditions deteriorate.

Drain & Flush Your Water Heater

As part of our comprehensive inspection of your water heater, we’ll drain and flush the tank (storage tank system only) to remove sediment capable of causing internal corrosion and repair issues. (Note: Your water heater must be up to current plumbing code for these services to be performed.  In addition, tankless water heaters must have pre-installed service adapters.)   

Warranty Extension

You’ll receive up to 5-year labor warranty on repairs and new installations compared to one year for non-Club members.

Save on Every Service, Repair & Installation

Your Priority Club membership entitles you to up to a 15% savings on all other plumbing we do for you.

Special Offers

In addition to your everyday Club member savings, we’ll send you exclusive offers to help you save even more on your home plumbing needs.

Your Membership is Transferable

Should you move before your membership period is up, you can transfer your Priority Club membership to the people who purchase your home or to your new residence provided it’s still within our service area.

There’s a lot to like about being a Norhio Priority Club membership, so why not start liking all of it today?!  Contact our office for additional information and talk to our plumber during your service call.  Either way, we’ll be ready to take your application on the spot.


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