Plumbing Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

For the most part, plumbing problems are front and center when they occur, and hard to ignore. Then again, that’s not always the case as certain obvious warning signs are ignored until the problem has grown worse and taking action is no longer an option.

If, for example, you lose hot water, you’re going to call a plumber right away to get the problem fixed. Should you come home one day to a flooded basement, that’s a situation you’ll jump all over. But what about those warning signs that don’t immediately inconvenience you? As a rule of thumb, you’re always better off reporting any abnormal behavior from your plumbing as soon as you notice it.  Here are a few good examples:  

Water stains

Water stains on a wall or ceiling could indicate a hidden water leak. If left unattended, that same leak also could lead to mold and mildew build-up along with structural damage.

Water behind your refrigerator

Whenever you pull your fridge away from the wall to clean behind it, check the floor and molding for any signs of water, the kind that can come from a leak in the water supply line. It’s not the amount of the water or the size of a water stain that matters. It’s whether or not water has leaked under the floor and into your floorboards and perhaps onto a ceiling below or electrical wiring.

Leaky faucet

There’s nothing more annoying than the steady “drip, drip, drip” of a leaky faucet. While it can be easy to ignore, at least for a while, early action is again recommended to help prevent too much wasted water and a big spike in your water bill.

Continuous sound of running toilet

Have you ever had a toilet that sounds like it’s running non-stop, even though you know better? It suggests that an internal part has malfunctioned needs to be repaired or replaced to help stop the waste of water and get your toilet functioning properly again.

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