Enjoy Unlimited Hot Water with a Tankless Water Heater

If you’re ready to replace your water heater, you have more options than ever. And that’s literally true thanks to new technologies and a relatively new government mandate for greater energy efficiency.

For purposes of this blog, let’s assume you have either an electric or gas storage tank water heater. Most people still do, but there’s an up and comer that’s making steady games in hopes of one day taking over first place: gas tankless water heaters.


Here’s what they offer that storage tank water heaters don’t:

  • With the right size system, you can enjoy an unlimited supply of hot water.
  • A system lifespan up to 20 years vs. 10-12 years for storage tank models.
  • With a tankless system, you won’t grow old waiting for your water to get hot. And that’s just one way a tankless system can help lower your energy costs.
  • Your current storage tank heats water 24/7 so it’s ready when you need it. A tankless system, by contrast, provides hot water “on demand” without the constant need to keep the water heated. Thus, even greater energy savings.

Here’s something else you’re bound to like about a tankless water heater: added storage space. Maybe not a ton but, in some households, every little bit counts. A tankless heat exchanger is roughly the size of a briefcase and is wall-mounted, and that’s where the added storage space comes from.

So, if you’re tired of rationing your hot water supply to ensure everyone has enough, contact Norhio Plumbing for more information about your several new water heater options, including a gas tankless system. It’s a smart and longer-lasting solution.