The Benefits of an Electric Water Heater.

When you buy something only once every ten years or so, how on earth are you supposed to remember everything you learned during the previous shopping experience?fghf

Take your home water heater, for example, and let’s say you’re now in the market for a replacement unit.  Let’s further assume that last time around, you thought long and hard before you chose
gas over electric.  But now, you’ll be darned if you can remember why.

Don’t beat yourself up.  After all, you have enough on your plate as it is.  So instead, sit back and consider the most common reasons why electric water heaters remain a very popular choice.   

  • They free up valuable floor space. Gas water heaters must have 6” – 18” of clearance around them on all sides for effective and safe venting.  Electric water heaters, on the other hand, don’t generate that kind of heat and can be placed pretty much anywhere, including inside a closet or crawl space.
  • Greater personal safety. It should be noted that both gas and electric water heaters carry personal safety risks, so whichever type you ultimately decide on, please have it professionally serviced at least once a year.  With that said, gas water heaters come with the added risk of gas leaks that can result in CO poisoning or an explosion.  Electric water heaters, like any electrical appliance, can result in electric shock or electrocution from faulty wiring.  The thing is, there is a greater chance of a gas leak than electric shock or electrocution, making electric water heaters the all-around safer choice.
  • Electric units last longer.  With fewer working parts and significantly less heat generation, electric water heaters can last up to several years longer than comparable gas units from a major reduction in wear and tear. 

If you need a new water heater with at least a 60-gallon storage tank, you have another very good reason to opt for electric vs. gas.  Today, all electric water heaters with more than 55 gallons of storage capacity are part electric water heater and part heat pump.  In fact, they’re called electric hybrid heat pump water heaters. 

If you have an available space that’s at least the equivalent of 10’ x 10’, you’re a candidate for a hybrid system.  It needs at least that much room to draw in warm ambient air which is used to power the system’s heat pump function.  The more that function us used, the lower the draw on electricity, thus resulting in average annual energy savings of more than $300 for a family of four.

Looking for a little professional guidance?  That’s what we’re here for:  contact Norhio Plumbing today for answers to all your questions and unbiased advice on the one water heater (gas included) that will ultimately work best for your family and your budget.