How to Choose a Plumber

If you’re jumping from one website to another looking for just the right plumber, perhaps we can simplify the process for you.

Ultimately, there are 5 main things you want to be assured of.  Once you achieve that goal, you’ll have exactly the right fit.  Here’s what we suggest you focus on as you continue your search:

Emergency Service

Plumbing problems are fond of ignoring the clock. In other words, they don’t care that most plumbers work a normal business day, and then go home.  Instead, a plumbing problem can happen at any time, which is why you need a plumber that offers 24/7 emergency service for all those times you really need it.

The Right Experience

Not all plumbers do all the same work.  Some, for example, specialize in drain cleaning and don’t offer much else.  Well, that’s great if you have a clogged drain, but not if you need your water heater replaced. The point is, if you have a specific need, look for someone who is qualified for the work at hand and, if you so desire, has references to back up their claims.

Customer Guarantees

Bottom line, what can you count on once a plumber shows up at your front door?  A guaranteed upfront price?  How about a customer satisfaction guarantee? Don’t wait until the work is done before finding out.

Reliable Reputation

Many companies are not BBB accredited, but that doesn’t mean they’re not capable of stellar work. And yet, in a world filled with so much uncertainty, wouldn’t you feel better if your company was highly rated by the Better Business Bureau and other organizations you know and trust?

Licensed & Insured

Certain kinds of plumbing can be performed ONLY by a licensed plumber…that’s the law.  And yet, a license is much more than a piece of paper.  It’s a reflection of many years of rigorous training and hands-on experience, all on your behalf.  As for having the proper insurance coverages, accidents can and do happen. So be sure your home and family are covered should one take place in your home.

Here at Norhio Plumbing, we invite your closest scrutiny. We rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, offer all the home plumbing services you need, and have decades of experience to our credit.  For the plumbing you need, when you need it, contact Norhio Plumbing…with confidence.