Why You Need a Back-up Sump Pump

Basement flooding can occur at any time, especially if you live in a neighborhood known for wet basement problems.

If you live in that type of “danger zone,” you’re left with two basic choices: leave well enough alone and hope for the best, or take steps now to ensure your basement doesn’t become a soggy mess.

If you prefer the latter choice, then you’ll want to learn more about arming your basement with a sump pump and back-up sump pump – a formidable one-two combination.

More often than not, a main sump pump can pump out all the water that finds its way into your basement:  But what happens if you lose power or your sump pump simply breaks down? Remember: main sump pumps need electricity to operate.

That’s why Norhio Plumbing recommends supporting your main pump with a back-up sump pump. There are two kinds of back-up pumps: battery powered and water powered.  Both are excellent products and will continue to pump water out of your basement until your main sump pump either has been repaired or electrical power is restored.  Some models, in fact, can run for days at a time, so even if you’re away from home, you can enjoy the added confidence that comes from being fully prepared.’

To learn more about how to prevent basement flooding, contact Norhio Plumbing  today. In addition to sump pump installation, we offer maintenance and repair services, too, for all makes and models.