Steam Shower Benefits

If you’ve ever had a bathroom make-over, you know that the improvements you make tend to be equal parts functional, added beauty, and added luxury.

Well, we’d like to suggest an inclusion in your upcoming bath remodeling project that fits two of those categories: greater functionality and luxury. And, depending on the model you choose, a new steam shower can add a nice touch of beauty to your new bathroom surroundings.

Here are a few specific ways a new steam shower can benefit you:

Circulatory System
Just like aerobic exercise, each time you take a steam shower it stimulates your heart rate. When your heart pumps faster, your circulation improves.  Over time, you also can look forward to the sustained improvement of your circulatory system.

Respiratory System
As you inhale the warm, humid air a steam shower emits, your breathing passages begin to clear up. And that can spell significant relief for those with any type of upper respiratory problem, including bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis, and others. Steam showers can also help speed up recovery time.

Muscular-Skeletal System
If you engage in a significant amount of manual labor or exercise, you know just how tight and sore your muscles can become. But once you let the power of a steam shower envelop you, many of those aches and pains will melt away, thus allowing you to cut back on pain meds.

Immune System
A steam shower has roughly the same effect on your body as a fever – but in a good and healthy way.  As your body heats up, your immune system works harder to help you remain disease free.

A steady dose of steam showers also can result in healthier-looking skin, and the benefits don’t stop there. To learn if your bathroom project is well-suited for the addition of a steam shower and more about all the amazing benefits it can provide, contact Norhio Plumbing today: your local plumbing professionals.